User training will be provided to the staff interacting with the equipment. This staff includes the clinical staff (nurses, nurse-assistants, clinical officers and medical officers) as well as the technical staff (biomedical engineers and technicians). Three types of trainings will be delivered:

  • Clinical application training is about the management of newborns. It involves diagnostic and treatments, as well as the follow-up of these treatments, their adaptation or termination according to the patient’s status.
  • Device-specific training is about using the device, performing elementary preventative maintenance requiring no tools, understanding alarm modes, and potentially diagnosing the most frequent/simple failures. This training will be delivered to both clinical and technical staff so that they have some common knowledge when they need to interact.”
  • Biomedical application training is about maintening, troubleshooting and repairing incubators (and ideally other related medical devices).
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